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Stirred, not shaken!




Well, bit of excitement!  A newshound from the Broughton Spurtle dropped in for a look-see and wrote this article:

Thanks Alan McIntosh of the Broughton Spurtle, come back for a cuppa anytime.




Perle 16 Cotton



We’re still loving the Perle 16 Cotton.  Only Presencia do this weight and the exciting thing is it goes in the sewing machine so good for machine quilting as well a lovely for hand quilting.


You can wind it onto a bobbin then put it onto, below or leave it as it is, put it in a wee cup or bowl to stop it running away and thread through the machine as usual.


We just used a standard topstitch needle and standard piecing/quilting cotton (50 weight) as the second thread!


Running stitch and decorative stitches all look very lovely!


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